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Going Bananas

CHAFIN'S Incredible,
Unforgettable Bananas...

Photo Gallery

Photos viewed on this web-site were taken at our business location or have authorization to use. Reproductions are Prohibited.

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These first 3 photos should end the debate about the Namwa & Ice Cream being the same banana.

Fruitarians & Great clients, Robby (L) holding Ice Cream, Ally (R) holding Namwa



Emma helping Katie work on the banana farm.

Dillon Harvesting Fruit

Don, Dillon & Patrick ... Look Out!

Patrick Repairing The Sprinklers

Double (Mahoi) with twins

Elissa working hard

Rows of Bananas

Going Bananas

Praying Hands

Row of bananas in GOING BANANA'S grove

Katie in shade house #1

Anomalie... raceme with 3 male buds

Ornata (ornamental)

The very best quality banana plants

Bertrand, Kerri, Elissa & Kristia, not working bananas

Don & Wedel harvesting fruit

Mariano harvesting Goldfingers

Don holding a Black balbisiana raceme

Matthew, cleaning up grove

Michael with good harvest

Kristia & Elissa working hard up-potting

Resting After A Hard Day

Michael hard at it...

Matthew ready to harvest big raceme.

Kristia & Elissa working hard up-potting

Yummy Bananas You Can Grow Yourself

We Really Are Going Bananas